Saturday, June 15, 2013

More Happy.....Oh My Heart!

Snuggles with Daddy
Silly play with Luke
We are seeing the goofy, rascal side of Sam....and love it! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Sam has just been really, really HAPPY lately and I am loving it so much! He has started wrestling with big bro Nathan and they are both super adorable together!
So thankful!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Set Back....or Ouchy Back!?

I have been dealing with chronic hip/back pain for maybe a year now. I did try to get help for it but found no lasting relief, so decided to just put up with it. Big Mistake! 

Last week, I picked something up and my back felt like crushing glass. I took 4 Advil and hopped in bed fast, hoping for a quick fix. No luck. 

I went to the Dr the next day feeling very faint/nauseated, not knowing that it was caused by the pain creating a spike in my blood pressure. They knew though...phew! They gave a Prednisone shot which helped so much and sent me in for x-rays (came back OK) and sent me home with more Pred and a super powered muscle relaxant. Oh, the chiropractor is my new buddy now too...the combination of treatments is helping a lot and I am thankful but the progress is slow.

So, now I feel like either an invalid ( not on muscle meds) or somewhat high (on meds.) and I do not prefer either!!! 

Other than that, we are all well and delighting in the freedom of Summer, my fave season! We're taking a complete rest from school work and are full swing into Swim Team. The three big boys are all on the team this year...Nathan finally was able to join in now that he can swim a length of the pool. It is super fun to see him be so proud! This whole "big brother position" has been a bit tricky for him at times but he is starting to embrace it much more now. It was just a bit tough to let go of being the "baby" but he's discovering the great perks like no nap, swim team and separate play dates with friends. 
Also, Sam loves him...this morning he led Nathan into our huge dog crate, set him down on the doggie blanket and fed him Cheerios! Nathan accepted it for what is was meant to be 

Sam comes to most of the swim practices too and is loving playing in the little kids' pool with some new friends. First he studies what they do, then he joins in...I LOVE seeing him discovering new things and being happy, silly and even a bit sassy! How we love our littlest guy! Joy! Thankfulness! Joy! 

Ok, I could NOT resist this picture of Nathan! He pulled a log out of a pile of brush and decided it was a tuba! :) 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Family Of Six

We have been a family of six now for 5+ weeks. Amazing how the time has flown by!
I was so excited to have our new family photo (above on header) turn out so well! It's our very first family portrait all together and I LOVE it!

God really can do ANYTHING!!!