Monday, September 26, 2016


So, my "Spring" post appears under a Sept date. Oh well, just a peek back into our lives several months ago. Slightly scrambled. Sounds about right. 


It's Spring and I love the weather, and life is busy and some of our children are struggling and I am so thankful for a faithful, powerful, God. He knows I am not enough on my own, and graciously gives me more patience and love and perseverance than I actually have. 

Luke's soccer team won the latest tournament and I caught this picture of a tired soccer player and  an adoring brother/fan.

Sam has just a few weeks left of his awesome pre-school that I have loved and been so thankful for. I will try not to cry all over his teachers on the last day! Ha! 

Boys on bikes! 

Kaiser is nearly 15 months and 91lb. He has passed his Star Puppy, Beginner 1 and just passed Beginner 2 yesterday! The next class is CGC, Canine Good Citizen, but I think I will have to take a break with him as I have terrible tennis elbow and need to let it rest. 

I think we are going to try something new and have Nathan take his beloved Finn to a class this Summer. The dog outweighs him but they have a very tight bond and I think it could be something special for them to try. I'll be right there to assist, regardless. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Helping Trip

We left in a rush when we got a call that my Dad had been taken by ambulance to hospital and would be having open heart, triple bypass surgery soon. John and the boys (plus Kaiser) stayed at my parents' home to care for the garden and their little dog, while I stayed in Toronto with my Mom so we could be with Dad every day before, during and after surgery.

My Mom with the boys and me at a rest stop

Hanging out in isolation 

John and the boys drove to visit me at the hospital for my birthday. ❤️

I got to see my sister! She and her husband also opened up their home to John and the boys while I was away and they all had a great visits each evening. 

The guys took a day trip to Bon Echo Park.

My Dad prefers not to have hospital pictures online but, after over two weeks in the hospital, he was able to go home with a wonderfully working heart! He is still in recovery mode but good times are ahead. 

Here he is with my Mom. ❤️

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pony Summer

Our family likes animals. We have lots in our home and sometimes we take care of the neighbor's too. 
This week we've been taking care of some ponies and I can see that Nathan is still amazing with them, like he was as a pre-schooler. He just has a quiet way with them and they respond. I love to watch it happen. 

Here he is at maybe age four....

Sam seems to really like them too.

It's beautiful. 

Friday, June 17, 2016


John grew up farming and now is able to pass that on to our kiddos. He includes the boys as much as possible with the soy bean crop and all it entails. He is such a good Dad! ❤️

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Family Hike

We went hiking on the New River Trail in VA. It seems like something good happens when we go to the woods, at least for me anyway. We leave all screens behind and just enjoy nature and each other's company. 

We took time for snacks and pictures, of course. John caught this crazy picture of Kaiser. 

We hiked maybe 5-6 miles and Sam happily walked every step all on his own. He has grown so much stronger this past year.

Nathan, with Finn & Kaiser, post-hike

Sometimes the boys don't want to stop & pose for pics. I insist, but they respond with silly expressions! I think they're cute anyway. 

Daddy, the leader of the pack, with oldest and youngest. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


My beautiful boy, my first born, turned 14 yesterday! He is growing up so quickly and, of course, we are proud of him. Mark loves the outdoors...hiking, canoeing, kayaking, camping, gardening...loves all of it. He has a determined personality and is a natural leader. He is great at working with our dogs that need a firmer hand.

I took this picture yesterday with our new foster GSD, Cam.

Older shot