Friday, January 8, 2016


It has been a wonderful Winter. We had a simple family Christmas and it was just right. Completely not perfect, but good anyway.  Sam asked what the Christmas lights were for and I explained they were for Jesus' birthday so everywhere we went that had lights he would YELL "Jesus". It might have been misunderstood by some, but I knew he was exactly right. 

It's been a horrible Winter. We got the results of Major's biopsy and found out he has rare thyroid cancer. It's terminal. He is on meds to keep him comfortable and that is that. 

It's been a Winter of hoping, as I have opened up my Etsy shop to sell my sewing again as an adoption fundraiser. We are hoping to adopt more treasures (kiddos!). ❤️❤️❤️

It's been a happy Winter. Luke turned 12 and loved his presents. He is growing up to be an AWESOME kid and we are so proud of him! 

There have also been some times of acute pain this Winter. Times I will not be discussing publicly but that have happened all the same. Deep LOVE and deep HOPE sometimes bring pain. I KNOW they are still worth it though. 


Isn't life just like that? There are so many ups and downs. I can honestly say that the only way I keep my balance in it all is through my and relationship with Jesus. I know no other way to avoid completely freaking out! He is my balance. 

Three Girls

There are three girls who live in my heart. Girls, I thought I might be the Mom of one day, ached I would be, was scared to hope I might be, and hoped anyway. 

I am not their Mom. I do not tuck them in at night or tell them how precious they are, or kiss their boo boos. But I love them and I pray for them and they each have a place of residence in my heart.

I want them to know ( and I hope that they DO know) that they are valuable and beautiful and deserving of love and tenderness. I want them to have fun and to feel safe and to giggle and play. I want them to be able to dream big and to dance and to look in the mirror and see a girl who knows she is loved. 

Oh little girls, you will always have a place in my heart and I will always be praying for you.