Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wedding Celebration

We went to a gorgeous stable yesterday for a wedding. From start to finish, it was full of love and fun and sincere sweetness and even Chic-fil-A for the reception! Sam loved the candy bags! If John and I were going have a renewing of our vows, I would want to have it there. It was perfect. 

Forever Family Day

We celebrated Sam's "Forever Family Day" yesterday! It's been two years since we got to bring him home forever! What a joy he is to our family! He is sweet and funny, sensitive and curious, smart and creative...and CUTE as can be! 

This was the first family pic we did with all six of us. Sam was two. 

This was taken this year, when we finally discovered where the missing baby Jesus (from crèche scene) had gone! 

Daddy and Sam in ND in April