Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer So Far

Oh, I am so behind with blogging....but these little boys are keeping me hopping!

Here's what we've been up point and picture form...

Hugging/wrestling - around here it can go either way!
Taking care of lots of pets - Nathan has "Big Mac" (his much-loved French Angora bunny) and Mark has tropical fish and 50 or so tad poles. Then there are the three dogs, three cats and 10 hens!

Anniversary - John & I celebrated 18 years of marriage last week!
Yay for love and so very thankful for all God has done!
*finished up another great season of swim team with all three older boys making the All Star team
*playing at the pool/water park - Sam is getting braver with the water every time we go and really has FUN!
*gearing up to begin soccer
*starting to think about school again...I'm wrapping up my curriculum plans for everyone and trying to create lots of little busy activities for Sam to do. I confess I am nervous about trying to home school with a toddler in the mix but we will just jump in and se how it goes, making changes as necessary. I'm starting Mark on some on-line classes and hope that will be a big help to all of us. If we love it, we'll also begin transitioning Luke to some similar curriculum.
*So, that's our Summer so far. We've kept it busy and fun but pretty low-key. We're trying to allow ourselves lots of time to adjust to being a family of six. It's hard work but good work!  We feel everyone is doing well and are delighted and thankful for the way God has brought us all together.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bed Time

It's the fourth of July and we're happy and it's been a fun day and now that it's bedtime, we're feeling silly. Even me. So, instead of just going to bed, this happens....

Mark gets in bed with Sam & Sam thinks it's funny
Mark gets in Nathan's bed & Nathan puts on his 3-D glasses.
Boys decide it will be funny to pretend they are choking each other.
Sam tries on Nathan's glasses
Mark, who is supposed to have brushed his teeth, blows a bubble (thanks to all the candy thrown at the parade we went to today).
So, that was bedtime tonight.
I think it might be awhile before anyone actually falls asleep!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Busy Toddler

 Sam is a busy little boy! He has three big brothers he loves to tag along with after all. :)  He loves to explore and to learn new things and it is so much FUN to see him soaking in new experiences like the water park, our sand box, the big field near our house, viewing the world from up high on Daddy's shoulders, the long hallways at church.

 We have a shelf of learning toys for him and he often asks me to get one down so we can play with it. Here are a few of his favorites...

Stringing wooden beads

Sorting plastic bears, saying their colors and counting
Play dough