Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer So Far

Oh, I am so behind with blogging....but these little boys are keeping me hopping!

Here's what we've been up point and picture form...

Hugging/wrestling - around here it can go either way!
Taking care of lots of pets - Nathan has "Big Mac" (his much-loved French Angora bunny) and Mark has tropical fish and 50 or so tad poles. Then there are the three dogs, three cats and 10 hens!

Anniversary - John & I celebrated 18 years of marriage last week!
Yay for love and so very thankful for all God has done!
*finished up another great season of swim team with all three older boys making the All Star team
*playing at the pool/water park - Sam is getting braver with the water every time we go and really has FUN!
*gearing up to begin soccer
*starting to think about school again...I'm wrapping up my curriculum plans for everyone and trying to create lots of little busy activities for Sam to do. I confess I am nervous about trying to home school with a toddler in the mix but we will just jump in and se how it goes, making changes as necessary. I'm starting Mark on some on-line classes and hope that will be a big help to all of us. If we love it, we'll also begin transitioning Luke to some similar curriculum.
*So, that's our Summer so far. We've kept it busy and fun but pretty low-key. We're trying to allow ourselves lots of time to adjust to being a family of six. It's hard work but good work!  We feel everyone is doing well and are delighted and thankful for the way God has brought us all together.

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