Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride

Well, the ride's not over until it's over...we just found out that our custody court date has been postponed from July 2 to July 16. I have to admit that I am SAD! BUT...I refuse to believe anything less than that God has got this all 100% under control.

Hanging on...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sad, Mad, But Learning

I received my first mean racial comment last week.

It hit me out of nowhere & left me stunned & speechless. Later on, it made me SAD & MAD! I felt this chip growing on my shoulder & , for a little while, felt defensive & distrustful of the world around me. I wondered, is this how my friends who aren't Caucasian feel? How do I deal with these feelings?

I am a MOM! I can easily become a MOTHER BEAR when my babies are attacked! How can I prepare for the next time?

How can I live transparently & with an open heart of love all the while knowing that mean comments will come?

I am seeing that, even after all the thinking & researching we have done, I have A LOT to learn about becoming a multi-racial family. I'm going straight to God with it, for strength & wisdom & protection. I am looking forward to what I believe He is going to be teaching me.

Anyone have any helpful comments? Maybe things you have learned that have really helped your attitude, helped your heart?

Meanwhile, we are SO in love with our beautiful sons & are so thankful & humbled that we get to be their parents! Thank You Lord!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Court Date

OK, I think our court date in Ghana is going to be July 2. This is for us to gain custody. I'll update as I find out anything. Please pray for our precious boys!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm In Love...

with two little boys in Ghana! Cannot wait to be their forever Mommy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Photos

We took family photos in the front yard today. This one cracks me up because John & I look so "lovey" & Mark looks so crabby.
Here we are again looking happier. The next time we take a family photo, we should have two more beautiful children! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Mom's Joy!

My Mom has a "baby"! Toby is a three year old Smooth Coat Dachshund & my Mom is thrilled to have been able to give him a home. (My Dad likes him too!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have no new news to tell about yet, but just want to share that I am feeling awe & joy & humility that God is entrusting us with two more beautiful sons. Can I do all that will be required of me? I know I can't. I am depending on God's promise that I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength!

How I long to hold little hands, to kiss little cheeks (if they'll let me!), to tuck little boys into bed at night, to assure them of our love, to be there each morning (bleary-eyed, but there!), to answer questions, to calm fears.

Precious sons, you are so wanted and cherished & loved. We rejoice in you, delight in you & wonder about you.

We are coming for you just as soon as we can!

More of Mark's Pictures

I think we may just have a budding photographer on our hands here. Mark is taking about 100 pictures a day & loving it! It's fun for me to see what he chooses to focus on.

I love this shot of the mushrooms in our neighbors' yard.

This is my Mom & me with Ben (10) & Hunter (3).

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mark's Pictures

Mark loves photography! My parents are visiting from Canada right now (which has been wonderful!) & my Dad has been letting Mark use his amazing camera. I think he is taking some great shots, so here are a few. I'm even in some of them which is kind of nice since I am usually the one behind the camera. This one is some cactus growing in our front yard.
A snuggly moment with Ben- he's 10 now & is the sweetest dog!
Me with "Creamy", Cochin hen- she's the biggest - loves to eat!
One of the neighbor's beautiful draft horses

What's Next?

Several friends have asked us what comes next......Well, the next big step is to go to court in Ghana to get legal custody of the boys. The orphanage is going to represent us for that hearing & we are hoping it might even happen this month...we'll see!

We are so falling in love with our precious sons & can't wait to get them home so we can begin our "forever family" all together. We know we will definitely have our challenges, perhaps even some really big ones, but we are trusting our incredibly faithful heavenly Father to be walking alongside of us each step of the way. In fact, we are absolutely depending on Him because we have always found Him 100% faithful. Otherwise, we know we would be in way over our heads!

We are thinking John will go to Ghana to bring our boys home, but that is subject to change. I am just going around loving the sound of "my boys" versus "my boy"! Joy! Joy! :)

Friday, June 5, 2009


Yes, I finally have the "OK" to share the news I've been longing for, praying for, & blogging about for a looong time! Yes, we got our referral!

We are going to be the proud parents of two more precious sons!

They are brothers, ages 4 & 5, and are "stop-your-heart" gorgeous if I do say so myself. :) I'll have more news to share soon I hope, but for now we are rejoicing & falling in love with our little guys! I CAN'T wait to hug & kiss them soon!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I think I'm going to be having some GOOD news to share soon! Can't wait! :)