Friday, January 30, 2015

Overdue Update

I'm sorry this update is such a long time coming. Things are going so well! We are amazed and so very thankful to God! 

Sam has been able to access a recently FDA-approved new drug! It's so, so, so much better than the old treatment! For one, it's an oral med vs. the previous one that was only injectable (ouch!). It also has much lower side effects. His Drs worked very hard to get this new drug for him. He's been on it for just over a week now, and so far is doing super with it. He only had negative side effects for one day and is now his cheery little self again and back to his therapeutic pre-school. Amazing! 

We will be going back to the hospital every four weeks for awhile to monitor his progress and to see if the meds are working. I promise to update more faithfully.

Our hearts are so thankful!