Friday, November 29, 2013

This Fall

This Fall has been going by so quickly! Here's an update on what
we've been up to...
Some friends and I are putting on a craft sale the first weekend in Dec. They have created awesome pallet art & I am featuring my felties hand sewn toys & tree ornaments as well as these super cute polymer clay pendants made by a talented friend of mine. (You know who you are MH!)

We are also building a new home addition...very exciting.
John is using his mad skills to build us some great new space!
We're adding a new living room as well as a big upstairs area. Cannot wait!
We're also taking time out to's essential, you know.
Nathan with Juneau & Finn
And...the biggest & best news....
we finalized Sam's adoption!
He's our sweet boy forever!
Thank You God!

Monday, November 4, 2013

All Dressed Up & Someplace To Go ...and oh, Our Addition Construction

We took the boys to a Truck-or-Treat that a local church put on. At first Sam didn't understand but he was quick to learn that nice people were putting CANDY in his bag, and before we knew it, he was saying, "Treat! Treat!" in his sweet little voice.
I love how Sam is laughing at Luke in this one.

Bumblebee's true identity is finally revealed!
Here's a sneak peek at our addition construction. We're excited about the new space!


So, we heard about a guinea pig that needed some TLC...and Harlow moved in.
He is a middle aged American guinea pig that is now happily living right in the center of our home's activity. He is sweet, friendly, a lover of veggies, and a great little school buddy. Harlow joins Mark nearly every school day to 'help' him do his Math & Reading. I'll have to get a picture of it, but he sits quietly on his towel next to Mark for up to an hour plus, keeping him company and helping him stay on is ADORABLE! Who knew that this simple little creature would be such a sweet blessing to our oldest son? I love it!