Saturday, August 23, 2014

Family Reunion

I am from Canada & so, living in the Southern USA, I don't get to see my family often. It was such a special time to have us all together at the SC beach for a week this Summer. We celebrated my Dad's 70th birthday, played in the pools and at the beach, went fishing, rode bikes and just enjoyed each other's company. 

Luke's New Shoes

Luke had to pick out a new pair of shoes yesterday. He is growing so fast! He couldn't believe it when he later noticed that his name was in them! Cool! :D

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beach Trip

It's not supposed to be good blogger etiquette to post several times a day, but I am getting updates done while I can! 

So....the beach trip

It was FUN! All six of us met my parents & my sister & her family (all from Canada) at the beach in SC for a wonderful week to celebrate my Dad's 70 th. 

My love for 19 years & counting

My two youngest beach bums

Mark, Sam & cousin, Tirzah

My Mom & Dad

Summer Fun

More of our Summer...

John is doing such a good job on our home addition! Roof is nearly all shingled and siding comes next.

Mark & Luke got to go flying with a friend of John's.

The three big boys LOVE fishing so we made time for that too.

It was a wonderful Summer that went by so quickly! This is our last week off & we are trying to get all prepared for Sam to attend pre-school two mornings a week & for the other boys to continue with me at home school. Soccer has begun too....guess it's time for Fall!

Birthday Boy Turns Four

Sam turned four! Whoot Whoot! 

Birthday cake with big brothers

Visiting the train museum...Sam loves trains right now

We had a fun day celebrating Sam's fourth b day. We're so thankful we get to be his family!

Monday, August 4, 2014

More Summer News

Camping! We went camping up in the NC mountains. It was a wonderful, fun break for our family & Sam's first time camping. 

I had foot surgery. Here's how I currently look. I call this my "devil boot". Yeah, I don't like it! I am, however, excited to be able to wear shoes again & get back to hiking with my family.

We also met with a new specialist at the children's hospital regarding Sam. She said we will do his labs for two more months for a total of six consecutive months. If they! If they continue to look crummy, he will have a liver biopsy. (Ouch! Poor baby!) That will be used to determine if chemo is needed at that time. If we ever have to begin chemo at least we will know we took all precautions & did our best to avoid it. We are thankful for his doctors & the hospital staff. They make being there as cheerful and as good an experience as possible. 

Sam is feeling pretty good and is having a fun Summer. He is speaking more recognizable words every week & can run fast! :D He thinks his brothers are hilarious and hogs the screen when we Skype.

We are focusing on truly LIVING every day & trusting our kind God to fill in all of our gaps.