Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oh My Heart!

Hello dear friends & family that read my blog. Thank you just for being there & for loving our family.

 Our story has been mostly up hill lately but I have decided to share it with you. 

Our dear little Sam had a rough start in life. Children are not always cared for well in orphanages. In spite of his past, he is a sweet, gentle (usually...he does have three brothers!) and charming three year old. He loves to create art, listen to music, play in the sand box and ride around on his Daddy's shoulders.

Sam also has a serious liver condition. Doctors thought it would not even be an issue for him (no symptoms, no meds needed) for several decades but we do routine blood tests every 6 months just to make sure. 

The last labs came back looking bad. Our hearts became like heavy awkward lumps that sunk down into our stomachs. Chemo-like meds. Transplant. Fear.

But God.....

 Seriously, we either trust Him or we don't. He gave us this little boy and He loves him more than we can imagine. We believe that even when our hearts are frozen with anxiety. We cling to that, to Him. 

So, we are re-doing all blood tests again next week. we want to make sure the bad results were not just an anomaly. We pray for healing. We trust. We also try to live every day, really live!  Like, go strawberry picking, play at the pool, bike ride. We don't want to let fear steal anything good from us and our boys. 

So, we hope and we pray for healing, for better results, for more time before we have to begin the harsh treatments. 

And we LIVE!