Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Summer...

...has been going great mostly! We've been busy with all the three big boys' swim practices and meets. They have had a good season and Mark & Luke are both considering swimming full time throughout the year. 

Luke's adorable relay team 

We have been gardening too. The boys each have a raised bed and have been enthusiastic about growing their own food. I love that they are so interested.

Sam Update

Sam's labs, which we have been doing every 4 weeks, have continued to show a slow decline. :(  We are going back to the children's hospital at the end of July to do more tests and to see a third specialist. I've heard she is very good so I'm preparing a list of questions to ask her. We have been told to prepare for chemo & transplant but I have no idea what the time line is. Hopefully years!!!! Perhaps the Drs don't know either, but I'm hoping for more info so we can try to process and care for our precious son the best way we know how. We are trying to support his overall health with meds for weight gain, probiotics etc. He is feeling good overall and is a happy, sweet heart. He loves his family, Veggie Tales, chocolate, fruit, playing outside and at the pool. He is a wonderful kiddo and we are begging our amazing God to heal him, all the while knowing He may or may not. That is hard stuff to understand but we KNOW our God loves Sam deeply and we are trusting Him and trying not to live in fear. I think we are succeeding most of the time. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

More Lab Results

We are on a schedule of labs for Sam every four weeks right now. The results come in two parts and the most recent ones have been good news so far! Yes! We should hear about the rest soon & are feeling optimistic that chemo is not in his near future (& we hope NEVER!) We are so thankful for everyone's care & prayer! 

Otherwise, we are having a pretty happy Summer. The big boys are all on swim team so we are at the pool a lot. Sam was very cautious with water last Summer but he loves it this year. It's so much fun to watch him play happily at the local water park.