Monday, April 7, 2014

Finally Back!

I am a severely non-skilled techie so my husband has saved me from the computer problems that were keeping me from blogging. 

So....the last three months...

Well, it snowed! A lot! Which isn't a big deal in some parts of the world, but is exciting here. 

Nathan and I worked on keeping Big Mac's fur tangle free (we are failing!) and gave him lots of snuggles. He is a very sweet bunny and isn't this picture CUTE!?

We, meaning John, are continuing the work on our home addition. Looking good! 

This sweet, tiny cat showed up. We didn't feed her at first, in hopes she was just visiting from a neighbor's barn, but when she appeared to be starving, we gave in. She has been named "Brook" and is as pretty as she is friendly. We're taking her to the vet next week and are seeking a loving indoor home for her. PLEASE contact me if you're interested. 

Sam impressed us with his artistry and understanding of symmetry when we discovered him with this get-up via crayola markers. Ha!