Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Helping Trip

We left in a rush when we got a call that my Dad had been taken by ambulance to hospital and would be having open heart, triple bypass surgery soon. John and the boys (plus Kaiser) stayed at my parents' home to care for the garden and their little dog, while I stayed in Toronto with my Mom so we could be with Dad every day before, during and after surgery.

My Mom with the boys and me at a rest stop

Hanging out in isolation 

John and the boys drove to visit me at the hospital for my birthday. ❤️

I got to see my sister! She and her husband also opened up their home to John and the boys while I was away and they all had a great visits each evening. 

The guys took a day trip to Bon Echo Park.

My Dad prefers not to have hospital pictures online but, after over two weeks in the hospital, he was able to go home with a wonderfully working heart! He is still in recovery mode but good times are ahead. 

Here he is with my Mom. ❤️

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