Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kindergarten Thoughts

My six year old son and I were recently discussing skin color. As we talked about it, I reminded him that his little brother or sister would have brown skin. He replied, "Well yeah, for awhile." I questioned him on this unusual comment, and it turned out that he was thinking that our new child would gradually change color to look more like us! I assured him that they would not, but that it would be just fine for us to look different in our family. I so enjoyed hearing his innocent thoughts and now I wonder what other things he is thinking about in his little boy way. It was a reminder for me that even though my son is getting older and considers himself quite an expert on most everything, he is still a very little boy with lots to learn. Perhaps that is how it is with all of us, really. We still have so much to learn! Thank you God for being such a patient teacher!