Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm Back!

I've really missed my blog recently but we've had major computer problems. I'm back for now at least - we'll see if we have truly fixed it for good.

We still have heard absolutely nothing about our referral which is very hard. I so want to know who my precious little one(s) will be at least by Christmas! I don't want them to go another Christmas not knowing they have a family here that loves them! Thanks for your prayers faithful friends & family - you are so appreciated.


Laurel said...

I am sooo... sorry this process is taking so long for your family. Are they giving you any explanation?

I fully understand the frustration of unanswered questions. We had many frustrating "waiting periods" also.

Prayers for you and your family!

mama of 13 (3 from Ghana)

oliviakorum said...

computer problems! :o
That must have been hard not being able to check your facebook! hehe!