Friday, January 2, 2009

Helpful Tip: Do Not Give Your Dog A Ham Bone!

Warning: Do not read this post on a full stomach.

Yes, I do know about how it can be risky to give your dog a bone to chew, but this ham bone was "gigantanormous" so I thought it couldn't possibly be a problem & wouldn't Ben just love to nibble on it?

Two days later...... he has been straining to have a BM since 4 am. Ugh! I take him to the vet, feeling really bad for getting him into this fix. The vet says, "Well, the good news is, a dog this size can usually pass a truck!" After an examination, he prescribes enemas and feeding him small meals with vaseline (to eat) for the next three days.

I am here to tell you that if you haven't yet given a dog an enema in your life time, take heart, it's not as bad as you would think.

Still NO BM enema at 9pm! Someone please call me around that time with something urgent so maybe John will do the honors this time! :) Ha!


Christina said...

Oh Patty! I've had to do a lot of things w/ my dogs. Including fighting ongoing diarrhea since February... but no enemas. yea! I hope i never do. Btw, by God's grace i think the diarrhea has been resolved. Has your issue with your puppy?

Shaun and Holly said...

How is Ben feeling now?


Patty said...

Ben is finally doing better but only after 6 enemas & an overnight stay at the vet clinic! It was a REAL SCARE for us & we are so thankful he is now on the mend.

He is the sweetest little guy & kept his good attitude the whole time!