Monday, May 18, 2009

Mark's Idea

Mark wants brothers/sisters. He may change his mind at some point soon after it all actually happens, but for now, he's totally on board with the whole adoption idea. So, he decided he wanted to help out with our expenses. He is going to be making note cards (with envelopes) to sell! :) Today he is practicing by making me some, but soon we will go to the craft store to get some nice card stock so he can make the really nice ones. I'm not sure how successful his idea will be, but it touches my heart that my little boy wants to help out. We'll post some pictures of the results later.


Lisa Michele said...

Well sign us up, we would love to have some new, REALLY amazing note cards!
Don't you just love the heart of children, you get to see the twinkle of God right in there eyes!


Michelle said...

We'd LOVE to order some of these custome-made cards! I know your heart must be so full seeing him be so thoughtful.

Shaun and Holly said...

Looking forward to seeing your cards Mark! :)