Friday, April 16, 2010

This Morning (Warning: NOT a lesson in good parenting!)

I was tired this morning. Certain family members woke me up multiple times while it was still dark. At 7am I groggily instructed the boys to go pick out a video to watch for awhile so I could stay in bed a bit longer. (Always a bad idea, at least at my house)

It went like this:

*boys running to living room - bang, slam etc.
*one boy running back (waking me up again)
*"Mom, he always picks out the movies!"
*Me: "Wait and see what he picks. See if you like it."
*"OK"  - bang, slam, back to living room
*Feet running back to my room again - bang, slam, tap, tap on my shoulder. I am awake again.
*"Mom! Mom! He's going to pick a movie we don't like! He always does that on purpose!"
*Me: "Has he picked anything yet?"
*No, but I know he will!"
*Me: ##$%##*#!!!!! 
 (OK, not really, but that was my general mood!) 

Just keeping it real...


Teri said...

Oh Patty, I'm sorry to do this at your expense, but you just made me laugh. I've been there. Hope your day gets better from here! Love you friend, and thanks for helping other mothers out there feel normal. :)

The Blaske Bunch said...

Sorry Patty...I soooo know the feeling!
I told my lil early risers the other day ...half in my sleep that "yes you can get some breakfast"
As I heard the noise in the kitchen getting louder, I arose from my grogginess to find two kids heating up Pizza, making a PBJ and pouring sprite....yep!
Sleep is NOT over rated,....
Kids up early is NOT fun...and bad mood mommy's are not rare, but the norm when we are not rested...kind of an oxy-moron huh...
hugs to you and your early risers!

Michelle said...

Hilarious, Patty! Thanks for keeping your blog's good to see that we're not alone.

Being Grateful said...

Thanks for keeping "it real".

Holly said...

Hahahahahaha!!! This is really funny to read but I know it wasn't funny for you to experience!!HUGS!

Your kid's will grow up one day and be adults. You will look back then and be able to laugh too! Until then....hang on tight and pray!

Sarah said...

hahaha... I'm laughing because that has SO happened at my house too!