Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

This is a new Schnauzer friend of ours who stayed with us for awhile. Isn't she cute? Nathan loves to get inside the dog crates & thought it was a great joke to get his picture taken that way! He LOVES to be funny & is very good at it!


I have been thinking about getting another dog for awhile now. I love having two - they are such good company for each other. Plus, I just plain love having dogs around. So, I have been talking back & forth with a rescue group & we are going to go meet a few potential dogs this weekend. They are Rottweilers, which is a change from our beloved German Shepherd breed, so we will see... We will spend several hours at least doing some careful & prayerful (I pray about everything) temperament testing. We're all going - Mom, Dad, kids, Ben (elderly dog) & even a "test chicken"! We're taking this decision to look for a new doggy family 
member seriously. 

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