Thursday, September 9, 2010

North Dakota - an update - especially for my Mom :)

I haven't been able to post much & I can't access my pictures right now, but we have been in ND for several days & are doing fine. We're staying at a summer camp & are right on a beautiful lake. The fields are full of little hopping frogs & the boys are delighting in chasing them around & admiring their glittery emerald skin.

The boys have been loving playing with all their cousins. So far they have met 18 & there are several more still - John's family is BIG!

We head back tomorrow. It's approx. a 24 hour drive so we'll be on the road soon if I can...


The Sanders said...

Sorry to leave this message for you on your blog but I haven't been able to get in touch with you about this weekend. I think we were scheduled to drop Zoe off on Saturday but it sounds like you probably won't be home yet. Can you let us know what your plans are? Have a safe trip home!

Michelle said...

You'll have to read the boys the book "Eighteen Cousins" sometime. It's an older one, but I thought of it when you said they've met 18 so far. Sounds like you're staying in a beautiful place. Praying for you guys!

geralyn said...

Finally someone has something nice to say about North Dakota. We moved here 7 years ago from Oregon and slowly, very slowly, North Dakota has grown on us and we love it now.