Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Have you ever had a prayer answered that you never actually prayed out loud? Maybe you never completely articulated your need to God but He listened to what your heart was crying out for anyway? 

I have been weary & overwhelmed for some time now. I am still functioning alright but my mind & emotions are weary. The stressful year & a half of the adoption process & the first year of us all working very hard to adjust to being a new & improved family of five have taken a toll on me & I have felt my definite need for some HELP! (John is a very helpful husband but he does have a full time job after all.)

Well, my parents had been planning to come visit us from Canada for Christmas. We'd all been so looking forward to their visit. They had even sent us money to purchase a camper for them so they would have their own little place to stay right next to our house.  I wasn't sure how long they would stay but was hoping for a month. 

Imagine my surprise when my Mom asked me how I would feel about them staying "a little longer", meaning ... ALL WINTER! They are planning to come down here to help out around the house, assist with home school & generally love on us. The boys are going to shine with all the Grandparent-style TLC & really benefit from some extra one-on-one in home school. We get to be their "ministry" all winter! :)

I am utterly thankful! 



Shaun and Holly said...

So exciting!!! :) I am delighted for you all!

Heather said...

I kind of had the same thing....I had horrible postpartum depression with Ella and was terrified to get pregnant again, seriously! So we are bringing Binyam's parents over from Ethiopia for six months. I do feel relieved. Anxious too, his mom doesn't speak a lick of English but I am sure is going to help with the new baby!!! I feel you on the relief!!!

Marsalie said...

Hooray! I would love that too.