Friday, October 14, 2011


It is five pm. and so far today I have:

*served my three children two meals and two healthy snacks
*taught them reading, math, science, geography, Bible and various lang. arts skills
*done a sugar crystal-making experiment with them
*let two of them help me make a fruit salad
*did several loads of laundry as well as two loads of dishes
*cleaned & tidied up as I went along
*walked the new puppy at least six times and watched carefully to make sure he didn't eat anything too wierd (he's at that stage)
*watched same puppy like a hawk all day since I am house training him
*supervised chicken chores
*collected eggs
*read my children a story
*made a "thank you phone call"
*told my littlest son stories while he sat on my lap on the back steps while I watched said puppy
*gave medicine to my sweet old Boxer
*swept up some dust bunnies
*answered innumerable questions
*helped read directions to "Risk"
*supervised a tubby bath, added the tub food coloring
*thanked God as I went along through the day
*had a bit of fun on Pinterest (I confess)
*began defrosting chicken
*fed three dogs
*dusted furniture
*completely re-organized all our current home school supplies because they were so awful I couldn't find things
*got the mail
*added to the grocery list
*took a few pictures

...and guess what........... my house is a WRECK!!! 

It doesn't look like I have done a thing all day!

...and you know what............................I've decided that it's OK.  :)


Michelle said...

I love your blog, Patty. It makes me happy. :-)

Patty said...

Thanks Michelle. That means a lot to me. :) Love ya!