Friday, January 20, 2012


This pic was taken a few months ago when Romeo was maybe only 3 months old. Now he is five months & 73 lb!

He really is a nice puppy, quite calm overall, with a sweet, attentive nature. However, he has one problem - he is so afraid of other dogs! Tiny dogs, large, fuzzy, whatever....any dogs besides our own. He does a nervous bark when he sees them and because he is so large, he appears to be agressive to some people. Ugh! I can usually get him to stop barking & calm down in five mins or so, but it's those first mins we are struggling with. Anyhow, I am starting classes with a pro-dog trainer next week, so am very hopeful she can help guide us through this issue so Romeo can enjoy life & work with me in some capacity. I'm still hoping he may make it as a TDI dog...we'll see...

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