Monday, December 3, 2012


I have been discouraged lately.

I am trying my absolute best to be a good mom, wife, home maker, home schooler, follower of Christ, friend, dog owner, house keeper, adoption fund-raiser, pet-sitter etc. etc. but my best falls so very short of what I hope for and what others might sometimes expect.

House messy despite hours/days of cleaning efforts = check
Meals sporadic despite trying= check
Home schooling ho-hum = check
Appearance  ho-hum = check
Wardrobe ho-hum at best = check
Returning phone calls non-promptly = check
You get the idea..
Etc. etc.

It is so disappointing to do your best and still not hit the mark you were aiming for. I am thinking maybe some of you can relate?

Last weekend we were treated (by my honey's employer) to a wonderful Christmas concert by the Tommy Coombs band. They talked and sang about how Jesus's parents did not have a lot of money, were tired, probably not just a little bit grimy, and were even looked down on because Mary had become pregnant out of wedlock. Then, their baby, my precious Savior Jesus was born in a stinky, dirty stable. There was nothing fancy or sparkly about any of it. There was no "wow-factor" and perhaps Mary & Joseph felt VERY short of the mark they hoped for and wanted for their family.

And out of that terribly un-remarkable, humble situation, God did His biggest, best and most utterly beautiful work. His own dear Son, His rescue- plan for the entire world was born. Doesn't that encourage you? It has meant MUCH to me!

So, I'm giving my Lord my non-perfect home, all my miss-the-mark efforts, and all that I am and have. And I am believing He can do something beautiful with it.


Ahhhh.... :)


Shaun and Holly said...

Perhaps time to reflect and simplify your life in any way possible. -Do you think you are too hard on yourself? I think you are perfectly wonderful! :)

Patty said...

I am sure I am too hard on myself. I just met w/ realtors re. our home sale though. They thought our home was not fresh/new enough. That was after MONTHS of prep work. So,it has been a downer. God has a a plan & He cares about the orphans- the whole reason I need a bigger house. I'm hanging on to that.

The Wood Family... said...

Sweet friend, He already is!