Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Big Mac

Big Mac is our newest family member.
He is Nathan's new special pet because Nathan is eight years old now and is ready for more responsibility (which also means more work for Mommy, but I thought it would be worth it...and it has been!).
This is Big Mac's story...
First, Papa came to visit and helped Nathan build Mac's house.
Nathan was very serious about the project and they worked hard together.
When the house was all ready and we had all the special supplies we needed, we drove to the Rabbitry.
Big Mac is a three month old French Angora bunny. He is very gentle and friendly and requires lots of brushing.

Nathan is really gentle with Mac and they are getting to be good buddies. The bunny prefers his young care giver to all the rest of us! I supervise all interaction but am impressed with Nathan's attention to detail and with his devotion to his pet.

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