Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Candy Making, Fall and More Vet Visits

 It's Fall and it's beautiful and we are playing soccer, and doing school, and making candy to enter at the Fair ( and 100 other things, despite our efforts to slow life down.) Luke made Peanut butter candy and Mark made Honey Butterscotch. It is so good, which is kinda dangerous...must get it out of our house ASAP! 

Sam has been doing so well going to pre-school that we have increased his hours, so now he goes three mornings a week. I am very thankful for amazing teachers and therapists. 

Our poor sick kitty, Jewel,  tested negative for ALL the tests our amazing vet did. Ugh! We put her on a broad spectrum anti-biotic as a last try and it is not working too well. :(  I think we are just going to take it one day at a time with her and make sure she enjoys her days as best she can. 

I am sick too. Every time the boys get a "bug" I seem to get it as well but worse and for longer, and antibiotics and steroids are often needed. This is a long term problem for me and the allergy shots I've been doing the last two years have helped but have not completely solved it all. I have also become allergic to gluten and soy. Weird! I am getting more opportunities for patience & trusting in God day by day, I'll tell you that. I long to be Wonder Woman who can do it all, but am learning to be content with life as it is. 

And now, for some darling pictures of my treasures...

I couldn't choose my favorite of these two. I love them both. The way my boys love each other means so very much to me, I can't think of the right words. 

Here's one more of those two, having a cuddle at a soccer game. 

I found this on Pinterst the other day and loved it. I think I need it on my wall. 

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