Thursday, December 18, 2014

Biopsy Results

We have not received a full report yet because Sam's lead Dr is having another Pathologist examine the results, but we do know that our dear little son's liver has sustained scarring and that he will have to begin treatment in January in an attempt to stop or at least slow down the damage. 

There is only one FDA approved treatment for kids his age, but there are also some decent clinical trials. We are very appreciate that his Drs are taking their time and thoroughly evaluating which treatment would be best. They are all, unfortunately, harsh treatments with harsh side-effects (some are chemo-like) and are NOT guaranteed to work, but at least we have some options.

Sometimes I just want so badly to wake up and find this was all a bad dream. 

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troutbirder said...

OH my. We will be praying for you son....