Monday, February 23, 2015


My knight, John, has saved me from my non-techy-ness yet again so I am back to the blog! Whoot whoot! 

So, I want to share a sad update, actually. 

We had to say good bye (with the help of our vet) to our intensely faithful Juneau. She tore both cruciate ligaments in her back legs and surgery was not a good option. Many tears were shed over her, especially by me! She was a good friend and I could always count on her to help me watch over the boys. 

She served us so very well.

The only happy way I can see this is in the redemption; she was rescued from a kill shelter years ago and came to us terrified of nearly everything. Step by step, she worked so hard to become a happy, confident girl and she did great. She ended up traveling with us to Canada, going on countless hikes (even learning to carry her own pack), she welcomed many small creatures into our home and was gentle with every one of them...chicks, bunnies, kittens, puppies. 

She faithfully guarded us from danger. Once she intercepted a dog that was aggressively charging the boys. 

We miss her.

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