Tuesday, March 1, 2016

No Time To Match Socks!

So, we have been doing more important things than sock matching! Our house may be a mess but we are living all-out the best way we know how. 

Sam lost a tooth! He was so excited because he pulled it out all by himself with lots of "helpful" coaching from his older brothers. 

We are taking down our barn. It's an amazing 70+ year old mule barn with so much character, the kind of place I would have adored to play in as a child. It's not on our property though, so we are moving it piece by piece. We plan to rebuild a smaller version and are selling some of the wood as part of our adoption fund raising. Yep, we are prayerfully prepping to adopt again! 

We play a lot. It's what little boys do! 

We got a new foster pup. Sugar is as sweet as her name implies and she is going to her amazing forever home this week! I love seeing the transition from often homeless and needy, to safe and healing in foster care, to a really well matched forever home. Redemption...irresistible to me in all it's forms. ❤️

On a less serious note, I want these stickers! 🤓

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