Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Valentine

I've decided to tell a bit about my "love story" this week, since it is Valentines Day on Saturday. Plus, it's fun to remember back to when John & I first met in College in 1994.

The first thing I noticed about John was that he had gorgeous eyes. A close second was that he had great manners. (I LOVE good manners!) We became friends & stayed that way for almost a year. It was great because we got to know each other without the pressure of "dating".

John's love language is acts of service, so in keeping with his nature, he offered to start typing my papers for me. The first one he did just happened to be about my "philosophy of dating"! I think he was pretty sneaky, I mean, smart! :) We ended up beginning our dating relationship by praying together about it. We dated 4 months & were engaged 4 months!

We've been married for 13 years now but time has not lessened our love. Sure, we have our ups n' downs, but we work hard to work through them. Praying together every day has been a huge strength for our marriage. The key for us is definitely our shared faith in, and relationship with, God. Life can be really, really hard, but God has always been so faithful to help us get through our tough times together. As we prepare to adopt, we know we are entering a time that we will be thrilled and delighted but also probably pretty stressed! We are absolutely COUNTING on God to give us the strength we'll need each day.

Anyhow...more on our love story another day! Happy Valentines Day everyone! :)


Shaun and Holly said...

Happy Valentines Day!! :)

This isn't a holiday that we pay much attention too. With Josiah's Birthday being right the next day...
We do get the kids a little box of chocolates.

In Feb. 1992 my Sweet told me that he loved me for the 1st time! 7 Months later...we became engaged! :)

Laurel said...

Any updates on the adoption? Have you gotten a referral yet?


Patty said...


Everything is OK. Hoping to have news we can share soon.

oliviakorum said...

Oh oh! I love that I've heard this story before!