Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring Chickens!

Spring has begun here & even my hens are feeling it. One of them is especially "broody", which means she really wants to have babies. So, she is dutifully & hopefully sitting on her eggs night and day, not knowing that they are unfertilized & so, will never hatch. Maybe I have more sympathy for her since I ,too, have struggled with wanting more children & not being able to? Anyway, today I ordered her three fertilized eggs (at $10 a piece! Crazy eh? But...adoption IS expensive! Tee Hee!) They will arrive this Friday by Fed Ex so we'll be here waiting to rush them back to the chicken house & tuck them under "Priscilla", the Cochin hen. They are supposed to hatch in approximately 21 days so we'll be expecting chicks around March 13 I think. Can't wait! :)


Shaun and Holly said...

How FUN!!! Please take LOTS of pictures!!! I love baby chics.

Michelle said...

Oh man, Patty! Call me next time you want some eggs. I have the opposite problem...nice, fertilized chicken eggs with NO hen interested in hatching them!