Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Book Recommendation & Baby Fever (still!!)

I read a fantastic book lately! It's "The Connected Child" by Karyn B. Purvis. It's especially written for parents of older adopted children & the best resource I have come across yet. It is full of practical ideas for parenting at-risk kids but also has been helpful in parenting our biological son. It's the kind of book I underlined in all over the place & that I will read over & over again.

Baby Fever....boy, do I have it! Maybe because it's Spring? I am a Mom longing to grow her family, to gather all her little ones safe in her home & in her arms. I am hoping our adoption will move along quickly. I keep thinking about more chickens or perhaps a Pug puppy.... sure signs of trouble!


Anonymous said...

Do you all know why it is taking so long?

Patty said...

It's taking a long time just because adoptions usually do & also because our adoption is the first one at Beacon House where we have all our paperwork in BEFORE referral. I think that's how they want to do them from now on, but it seems pretty slow since we are the first family that's doing it that way.