Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just a Bike Helmet

It's funny how I am processing our upcoming adoption of two more little guys. As excited as I am, it's hard to imagine having three sons, since I've only ever been a Mom of one. Of course, I've taken care of more children at our house & I know what that is like, but it's so not the same as having your very own forever-children.

I have been gathering things my boys will need - books, toys, linens etc. and the other day I got a bike helmet for one of them. As I put it in the closet next to Mark's helmet, it hit me ...I'm going to have three little boys! It's funny how such a little thing would effect me, but it was such a joyful jolt of the reality of God's blessing!

I'm going to have three little boys!! The desire of my heart fulfilled! How wild & crazy & fun & exhausting!

Thank You God for how You do things! I would never be brave enough to face this crazy life without knowing You will never leave me. Your big, big, big love overwhelms me, humbles me, surrounds me & gives me joy.


Jen said...


I am so happy that you are enjoying the prep time and nesting as you await the arrival of your answers to prayer. Oh the fun and adventures three little boys will experience when they finally come home and really get to know each other.
Praying continued favor and blessing on the final steps of this labor of love.

Holly said...


Taylor said...

So excited for you! Don't know if you ever checked out my friends blog, but she has an amazing tirade about racism and some great links...check it out.

Love, your cuz from MT

Aleena said...

Bike Helmet