Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy & Sad

Things that make me happy:

*Hearing "I love you Mommy." for the first time
*Little boy hugs & kisses
*Three brothers being kind to each other (at least
some of the time!)
*Giggling gaggles of little guys
*Mark reading stories to Nathan
*Listening to my children talk to God at bed time
*Seeing my five year old
just being a little boy

Things that make me sad:

*Seeing glimpses of pain in my five year old
*Knowing there are so many children around the world who are still asking God for a Mommy & a Daddy


Holly said...

So bitter sweet, hey?

For some reason this post made me think back to when I was volunteering in one of the kid's Grade 1 classes. I did one on one readying with students. One little boy was from a very very tough situation and home life. He would actually harm himself, biting at his own little arms, just desperate for attention and love. We would read together and I would sometimes be able to pat his sweet little head...
Your boys are all so blessed to have such a loving family!

Patty said...

Oh Holly! That is so sad about that dear little boy! :(

We are not dealing with any behavior that dramatic, but my heart hurts seeing the more subtle pain in my child. I am so thankful I know the God Who can heal broken hearts - He is my beloved hope.