Friday, December 4, 2009


A friend of mine wrote in her blog recently about how everywhere she looks online, there are pictures of beautiful homes, lovely professionally decorated rooms, even super organized & stream-lined refrigerators. Ahhh perfection! She took a picture of her "normal" looking fridge (ie: slightly messy) in response. Her idea has resonated with me! It's not that I don't like beauty &/or organization, because I do. It's wonderful! It's just that I am rarely attaining it in my home these days & I am mostly OK with that. So, I am going to post a picture of a NOT perfect area in my home. I might even start posting one weekly! ;)
Yeah, this is not organized or attractive dining room table. This is how it looks after breakfast & home school duty.


Tamara B said...

i love it when people are like me :)

Anonymous said... Posted this a while ago.....I feel ya!!!!!

Laura said...

I thought I might start a trend! And just to prove my point, I haven't cleaned out my fridge yet, even after realizing how bad it looked! : ) I may have to break down and clean some toilet bowls soon though--they're gettin' scary.

~Rachel~ said...

Patty, just so you know, I love your house. It is nice, but not so fancy that people (and kids) can't be at home there. It is clean and neat (for having 3 boys and multiple dogs!), and always homey. Thank you for opening it to me. Hugs, ~R~