Saturday, June 26, 2010

"My Girl" (probably only interesting if you are a dog lover)

It has been three weeks since we got Juneau. She is fantastic with the boys - patient & adoring. I love that about her! She has also learned to go into her crate when asked, to come when called (when in the back yard - I'm not sure about total freedom!)  & to carry a pack, which she really seems to like. My main challenge with her is that she is very timid of anything new & since she has been exposed to very little in her life, "anything new" includes a lot! Yesterday, I helped her examine tin foil after she was afraid of the noise it made when crumpled. When we are out in public she cowers or tries to run from any new sight. There is zero aggression there - she's a sweetheart, but we have a long way to go to get her to a place where she is comfortable in public places. I'd LOVE to train her as a licensed therapy dog but we are a long way from that. My long range goal is to see if we can pass the CGC test - the "Canine Good Citizen". That would be a big accomplishment for her. We'll see...I'm studying up on working with fearful dogs.

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