Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nathan's Surgery

My sweet, funny, charmingly dramatic Nathan is having surgery on Friday. He's having a hernia repaired & also another procedure that will, unfortunately, probably hurt quite a bit (think little boy surgery - I'm trying to avoid TMI). I know what to expect for me having surgery but I've never experienced it for one of my kids, so I'm feeling cautious & concerned. (Hoping I won't either burst into tears or pass out when they wheel him away!) He's having it done at a very good childrens' hospital by a Pediatric Surgeon, so he's getting great care. Still, I'd definitely appreciate knowing friends & family are praying for my little man! Thanks so much! Oh, I'll update when I know a surgery time- they don't let us know until Thursday afternoon. 


Sarah said...


Patty said...

Thanks Sarah!

I am nervous about this mostly because of the anesthetic. A few years ago a dear friend of mine, sent her son in to have his tonsils out & he never woke up again. Devastating!

I know that was EXTREMELY rare but I am just going to be very glad when this is over & Nathan is awake again!

Teri said...

Praying Patty! What a sad story about your friend..I can not even imagine.