Saturday, August 7, 2010


Sometimes we still have cultural mix-ups at our house.

Child: "Mommy, my tummy hurts." I think it might be because I ate the string with sugar on it." (It turned out to be flavored dental floss.)

We often still have things like this happening in our home, ten months after the boys have arrived in the USA. Sometimes I get very tired & frustrated that I am still having to coach showers ("No bar soap on your head. Only wash your hair once. 3-5 shampoos are not necessary.") I also have to keep the toothpaste put away so that it is not quickly eaten. 

John recently reminded me that the boys have only been practicing such behaviors for ten months or less out of their entire lives. Would I expect a 10 month old baby to have mastered these things? Well, no I wouldn't!'s all in the perspective sometimes, isn't it? 

Overall, the boys are doing great & we are very proud of their hard work to adjust to a new culture & to open up their hearts to dare to trust again.


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