Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nathan's Shoulder

The other night, our little Nathan somehow got his foot stuck in a soccer net & pulled the whole heavy goal down on top of himself! We are incredibly thankful he wasn't hit in the head, (Thank You God for Your angels!) but he was hit on the shoulder & his collar bone was broken. Ouch! :(

After seeing several doctors, he now is in a sling as well as a figure eight brace that wraps around his shoulders & pulls them back so that the bones are in the right position to heal. The sling is for a week. The brace is for up to six weeks!! 

So far he doesn't seem to be in much pain at all (although I am giving him pain meds just in case) & is possibly even enjoying all the extra attention. He needs help dressing, brushing teeth, fastening seat belt etc. 

Pictures to follow...


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