Friday, October 1, 2010

"Tirian "

I really wasn't looking for another pet (honest!). My friend needed a home for this cutie pie Siamese kitten though & I fell in love... John didn't think it was a great idea at first but then he told me to go for it. He explained that he had been thinking about how he could save up $ to buy me gold or diamonds but that he realized what I really wanted was a cat! I have a wise, kind & cool husband, or what?! :)

We named Tirian after the brave & good Prince in CS. Lewis' Narnia stories. He is a nice blend of sweet & feisty - a cuddler with me & tough enough to be great with the boys. 

Our dogs are adjusting pretty well to him. Ben is fascinated with him & follows him around wearing a goofy doggie smile. Juneau is afraid of him! She is only  70lb heavier than him, after all! :)

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