Thursday, January 27, 2011

Funny Face & Post-adoptive Meeting #1

Nathan is a gifted actor. Seriously. As in, could probably pursue a highly successful career. This is his "tough guy" face. It's hard to take it too seriously given the dino-jammies he's wearing,
but he's working on it.

We are a bit behind schedule, but are about to begin our post-adoptive meetings with the social worker who did our home studies back when we were preparing for adoption. It's going to be FUN to introduce her to our cutie-pie, awesome, ACTIVE boys!

Other than that news, we did manage to get away on a mini family vacation last week, in Nashville. John had to go there for work so we all tagged along & had a great time just "being" all together. The boys loved swimming in the hotel pool, & eating travel treats & watching movies as we drove. They are luckier than they know! DVD players had not even been invented yet when I was their age! Wow ...I am feeling old.
By the way, I found my first real wrinkle recently...
but I digress...

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Shaun and Holly said...


ONE wrinkle??!! I have more than you.

(But I am not bragging!)