Sunday, February 6, 2011

Juneau Update (probably only interesting to you if you are a dog person or working hard to overcome fear in your life)

We've had Juneau 8 months now & she's doing great! She started out terrified of normal household noises. She would 'pancake" herself onto the floor in terror at unknown sounds. Outdoors, she would "kite" at the end of the leash, desperately trying to escape whatever seemed scary to her, however slight it might seem to anyone else.

Now, she is confident & happy in our home most of the time. She is still timid with men, but now manages to behave within normal range. She loves to snuggle with John & me & is very patient with the boys, the cat, & even my parent's dog (who is sitting on her paw in the above picture). 

She has also discovered the sheer joy of going for walks & rides in the van. She wriggles with joy when the leash comes out & pushes her head right into her collar, showing good manners & that she is ready to go!

I have been practicing going to the vet with her. As in, we haven't actually had an appointment yet, but we are getting close! We have walked outside the building, sat inside the lobby etc. She is doing so well, we are going to make a real appointment soon! Yee haw! 

It is slow progress at times but I love working with dogs anyway, & it is a joy to see her growing in confidence, so proud of being a "brave girl"! You never know, maybe some day we will be able to pass her CGC? That would be amazing! :)

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Michelle said...

Juneau is so sweet! (and Toby, too!)