Sunday, February 13, 2011

Amazed at the Deep Wisdom of an Eight Year Old...

My kids love money. It's because they love spending it. RC cars, trucks, planes, Lego...are all pure treasure to them. They do chores around the house "on commission" and save until they have enough for the next "Great Thing". One of the boys, in particular, struggles with near obsession, planning what his next purchase will be & how happy it will make him...& on & on it goes...

Many of the great conversations the boys and I have are while we are all driving in our blue mini van. I'm so glad we don't have a video monitor that switches on a movie as soon as we take off, or we'd miss out on such special shared times. (They come along with the drama & bickering, of course!) 

Anyway, on a recent trip, the boys were again discussing their next planned purchases, when Mark piped up with, "You know Mom, we're all pretty dumb. I mean, all of us, ever since the Garden of Eden. We keep thinking getting something else will make us happy but it never does."  

Wow! Is it just me that thinks that is pretty amazing insight for an eight year old? I remember pondering on that when I was in my twenties! Anyway, what a great truth that is! 

The boys and I discussed that thought & talked about how there is nothing wrong with having some nice toys, but that if we expect them to make us happy deep down inside, that we will always be so disappointed. 

The only thing that can fill that empty spot in our hearts is Jesus! God's Son! The one that came to earth to share in our human experience & to sacrifice himself for us, to pay the immense price our ugly sin required, to make a way for us to be made good enough, forgiven,  so that we could know him deeply & intimately & joyfully. 

My boys know that & I know that, at least in a head knowledge way, but I love that we can talk about it together, sharing the mystery of it, letting it travel from our heads down to our hearts! 

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