Friday, June 10, 2011

Swim Team - I'm Singing It's Praises!

I've been concerned with how we were going to get through this Summer. The boys are ACTIVE & really don't do too well with a lot of free time on their hands. They are good boys. They just need structure. Lots of it. I was very literally asking God for some good ideas...

Anyway, we heard about a small local swim team & it has turned out to be WONDERFUL! My two older boys practice 2 hours every day M-F with coaches that swim at the University level. So, they are very knowledgeable swim instructors & are also really sweet with the kids. They come well prepared to teach & the kids have so much fun. They love all that practicing! (I'm kind of amazed at that because they haven't been fans of swim lessons in the past.) Even my little guy loves it because he gets to come & play in the shallow end with some other younger siblings. I am very thankful for such a quality program and, did I mention, it's affordable too! 

Thank you God for the Stingrays swim team! :) 

Pics to follow...first swim meet is next week... 

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