Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Camp

We had the BEST time camping with friends this weekend! It was HOT & humid & it rained hard on the tent but we still had A LOT of fun & just some really sweet family time.

Luke & Coach Sam jumping as high as they can while Nathan jams on his kleenex box guitar! 

Mark & Luke loved fishing & were rewarded with lots of fish. 

Nathan somehow "accidentally" fell off the pier (doesn't he look a bit sheepish to you?) but he was just fine. 
Here he is explaining how exactly it all happened. :) 

The coolest part of the weekend was that John got baptized! (by our dear friend, Sam). Then John got to baptize Mark & Luke! The boys had been thinking about getting baptized for a long time & it was super cool that they were able to do it all together. Wow! 

They all wanted to get baptized as a public symbol of their personal faith in Jesus Christ. Nathan wanted to do it too but we don't think he really "gets it" yet so we asked him to wait another year at least. He was miffed & I think that may be the reason for his "accidental" fall into the lake! :) Tee Hee!

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