Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Death & Spa Treatments

Yes, death & spa treatments somehow made it into the same day & therefore, the same post. Of course, I'm talking about our chickens - so obvious, I know. I mean, who else around here might get a spa treatment! :)

So, it all started in the morning when the boys discovered that my two favorite hens had been murdered. So awful! They were both Cochins (love them!) & one was 5 years old. That's a long time to have a chicken & those two were sweet girls. So...there they were dead, not eaten really either, just slaughtered. :( I think a mink or a weasel got them. They fit the profile according to Google. So, I had to really "put my big girl panties on" & clean up the horrible mess. I'll spare you the sad, icky details. 

So, on to the spa treatments

...that same afternoon we discovered that a few of our laying hens had developed strange balls of dirt on the tips of their toes. Rock hard balls that were impeding their ability to walk. weird. The same day too. (I'm rolling my eyes here. Yes I am.)

So, what to do...what to do...

Well, let the girls soak in a wash tub of warm soapy water of course! My first spa recipient handled it all surprisingly well. She sat in the tub in the laundry room for three happy hours! Every time I'd go check on her and change her water out, she'd happy cluck as if enjoying it all immensely & occasionally spray me down with some lovely chicken poop. It was so ridiculous that I almost felt the humor of it all. Almost.

I still have two girls to go...I'll take pictures this time. Promise.  

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