Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Dogs...

Drool happens, OK! 

 Tickly ear-kisses

Handsome Westin

Standard Poodle kisses from Rugby



Shaun and Holly said...

Is it really true that you have 12 dogs in your house and another 6 (pets) at another house??!!!

Patty said...

For a few hours one day(between drop offs & pick-ups) we had 10 dogs at our house. It was too many, obviously, but they all did great with no problems.

As far as at the neighbors, they have 6 dogs, a cat, 5 bunnies & 2 horses! And yes, we were taking care of their crew too. Busy, but surprisingly doable. Not that I'd want to have to do all that every day, mind you! :0