Saturday, July 30, 2011


They may be humble creatures, but they are my very favorite... honest to the core, forgiving, willing, responsive, joyful, great listeners & companions...

I have trained a licensed therapy dog (TDI) before & will definitely do it again. I find them so therapeutic in my own life that I have a real passion for using them to bless others, like by visiting seniors' homes, hospitals, and even prisons. Plus, the training that is involved is FUN for both me & the right dog (one that is suited to that kind of work)!

I've been very busy taking care of a lot of sweet dogs this Summer & have captured a few pictures.

First, my own two sweet old Jake, a kind & "understated" old guy. He may look asleep at the wheel but he loves to meet people & watch a good soccer game.

...always watchful, tries so hard to be a "good girl" while still dealing with her own fears (past trauma from before we got her), 
faithful to me to a fault, sweet Juneau

April Pug is one of Mark's favorite dogs that we take care of. He is hoping to get a Pug of his own one day. She is a snuffly sweet heart. 

This is April again, with one of my favorite doggie-clients, "Geppetto".  He looks pretty intimidating but is a kissing/snuggle machine. 

 This pretty German Shepherd Dog is Greta. She is a typical GSD - fabulous! They are our overall favorite breed. How about you?

Luke, with teeny, tiny Leo - he almost looks like a toy but he is a feisty little guy. 

There are many more dogs that stay with us, each one special. I'll add more pics soon...

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