Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm not perfect. Neither are you. It's OK though. It's normal! :) 

Just in case you are feeling discouraged, let me tell you about my imperfect life:

*My house is a MESS - every inch of it, dust bunnies are becoming elephants etc. I love the look of homes pictured in "Country Living" but seriously, who has that kind of time? money? creativity? It's OK to work on it but it's also OK to not achieve it!

*I take medication every day to stay normal.Very humbling.

*I suffer from migraines, vertigo, allergies & colitis.

*I need to lose weight.

*I let my dogs kiss my face with their smelly breath! 

*I talk to much & listen too little. (I've been working on that at least 15 years! UGH!)

Anyway...I'm not superwoman (darn!) & I bet you aren't either. 

I can actually have peace & joy in the imperfectness of my life though, knowing that I am created by God for a plan & a purpose. He loves me (you too). He likes me (you too). He's still working with me (yup - you too!)    :) 

Thank goodness!


The Wood Family... said...

I love you're my kinda people and one of the sweetest ladies I know! :)

Jules said...

Sweet, Sweet Patty! I had no idea you had a blog (found if off the Redfields...). Oh, did this post touch my heart because I think every single one of these is true of me, too. Who knew we were so much alike??? :) I think you're awesome, Ms. P!